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What is the point of the city of saskatoon " eBill" service when the website is broken and I can't access my bill.

Grabbing an ebill off of the City of Saskatoon website is quite a chore. Three browsers to download a pdf file with an aspx extension.

, when you're in a room full of laughing loved ones, what is better???

UK Statistics Authority: "Serious deficiencies" in DWP use of statistics | Left Foot Forward

I've never seen all of the back to the future movies. I see where @iReggieMcfly got his name

ja leuk he... heb er zin in:) ben benieuwd wie de gast is, maar wordt sowieso leuk. Of niet? @pulidiepo

, he probably already knows, denial mode.... but b4 u tell make sure u r not one of the other guys o

(RT this): StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Collector's Edition Unveiled ...

Now Playing On RadioFree Dishnuts: (Friday Night Live Show Rebroadcast of 11-26-1993) Listen links @

Erin is using two monitors. It's kind of awesome.

90% of the teenage girl population want to make their surname BIEBER because of JUSTIN. (;

@bonbonrosegirls You too! By the way your Thanksgiving centerpieces post was gorgeous! Love the look of putting ornaments in a big bowl!

Ooo I'm tempted to get some of that forbidden cake

To ouvindo e to tão zureta ja q ate to imitando o Alexi Laiho children of bodom - bed of razors

Aww iDontt Likee Hurtinnqq Peoplees Feelinqqs Buhtt Ay Itss Thee Bestt Forr Thee Of Us Noo.?(x

Just Got Done Watching, Bride Of Chucky . Ha

Amongst them are men who made a covenant with Allah, that if He bestowed on them of His bounty, they 9:75

@plastikgyrl so now some commentator is missing the point of the Sex Show Fat Shaming article. sigh.

Just twitter, balls of steel and music. You? xxxx

Deep down, I know that love is in the eye of the beholder, but I still get mad when I see a badd chick with some ugly nigga.

soaking up the atmosphere at Abbotsford Convent farmers' market.. fresh food and flowers, organic coffee.. excellent start of the day!

I can't wait to head home. I'm tired of being tired.

no episode of community tonight? sad...i was looking forward to it

Best part of thanksgiving is ONLY family togetherness and NOT shopping and buying and giving and receiving and inactivity

Looking for a great spot to escape the cold? Try the 's Bacchus lounge for a cup of warm tea and a great atmosphere

tony's mom is the best! had to work/still sick, so she sent me a bag full of food, including my favorite taco dip and her vegan lasagna! ah!

Even without turkey I've still got a plate full of food!! Happy Thanksgiving!

they need to get fired, salaries given to women victims of violence, diversity training should b law!

Its funny how i can be around some of my people and they forget bout gospel music... But when i get round some others im reminded of how gre

How cool is that! Love the thought of and @Feisty_Onion at the twits, hope to hear all soon:)

bueno a jugar un rato de " the House of Dead: Overkill"

(RT this): New World of Warcraft Patch - The MMO Report

RT @monaksart "Like the Garden of Eden, they said nature is something w/ spiritual & intrinsic value

hahaha, I may just get him a lot of food, haha :) ahhhhh no, really fyl :( xxx

I got bored of that.I'll leave this one

@iAmHunniB . cuz my family is too far gone to try and figure them me know the results of ur study

The $20 Chukudu is The Pickup Truck of the Congo [Car Culture]: Intrepid Belgians may cross…

howser799 <![CDATA[Cancer is immediately taking 1 outside of every 3 human beings in the United States every yea

"It seems like the rest of the year is coming up so fast. I wish it would stop.. Or at least slow down." -HSM 3: Senior Year

I dont worry, Im with you! Im a whole new level of obssessed!

and Barber on both of my benches.

Biggest party night of the year! Where will you be?

Some of yall females need to be upgraded

Brook A.'s Review of Ambiance Salon - Gilbert (5/5) on Yelp: Love this place! Tucked away on Lindsay and Gilbert...

Remembrance, support focus of World AIDS Day events: From a motorcycle rally to a quilt display, Orlando organiz...

ya have you ever heard of da fresh steez kidz

black friday shoppers already? hell yes! that's the kind of determination i like to see.

Im gonna make a movie with alot of people in it. Then publish it as a documentary

Thanks! I have one of those ab chairs, maybe I should use it more you think it works too or is it just a gimmick?

Haha I know,she posted a pic like a week ago of "her & her bf" It's definately from Google.

@DoubleDBenny lol , my brother has that one , its a huge bottle of the regular one down stairs , just waiting for somebody to join me !

WOW! That's fast. Any chance you can share some of your bandwidth?

To all our Good Friends and Customer: Have a Safe, Happy and Bountiful Thanksgiving!! We are thankful for all of you!!!

I want more pics of hongki and geun suk lol and maybe some blonde hongki. *jeremy*

Its funny how every one got somebody go the fam that only comes around this time of the year lol...

Men goin' to start on Vasco's case on Twitter & to think our lesson today was the use of internet. LMFAO! oh well ..

New eBooks, Born Round: A Story of Family, Food and a Ferocious Appetite -

"Straight from the Heart: Gender, Intimacy, a/t Cultural Production of Shojo Manga" by Jennifer S. Prough. Read more.

RT @LexCDelarosa: Everytime I think of I think of somebody gettn beat ova the head for a toaster lmao..

I am gonna miss all the Ian Healy comments over & over of "oh well bowled warney" & "nice ball shaaaaaaayne" after every delivery

RT : 16 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence » Feminist Peace Network

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