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Hey ! You claim to be the best airline, yet your gate agents consistently treat other airline employees extremely rudely, especially out of Newark

Can they just play the footage of strawberry gate into the camp, so they can stop being so cruel to Iain and realise how much of a dick Amir is

. & host Christmas drinks in welcoming guests including & (who probably all gate crashed....!)

I don’t get why they don’t like Iain?! Amir is the liar. Name one thing Iain has done wrong? He’s got anxiety, feels alone and confessed about the strawberry Gate. But of course, he’s playing ‘mind games’

Will make no difference what so ever .Just spending more tax payers hard earned cash. These mayor's are good at that all 3 of them.

waiting for the guard to open the gate pics

Golden Gate Classic All-Tourney Team

This makes Tweet- gate weirder. Did Dowd write it or did Trump? Either way, if the admission in the tweet is true, why bother claiming Dowd wrote it? If that claim is untrue, it’s a useless deception. If that claim is true it’s a pointless waiver of attorney-client privilege. /2

classic out the gatepure fire otw #251#334

Gh thieves are funny. You come my house last night Dey come jump gate wey I see you Dey watch you then you Dey stand there Dey stare back. At some point I even thought I was the intruder

Then saith he unto his disciples, The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few;

BTS came out the gate w a top 30 debut when most American artist are praying to eventually make top 40

The so very sad part of it is that Jonah Goldberg's Liberal Fascism is a GREAT book and red-pilled plenty of people. It's like he's not the same person that wrote that book. Maybe he's not.

Golden Gate bridge, Opening Day, 1937.

In light of the latest Kushner-Flynn revelations Mueller should forget about "Russia- gate" and focus on the real foreign government subversion of the U.S political process and of its foreign policy: "Israel- gate".

On Monday, October 30, 2017 outside Utech Ja’s main gate, I was assaulted by the driver of this taxi. I was punched in the face and had to seek medical attention. All this happened because I didn’t have any change.

Tickets online will be $9 plus a service fee, $10 at the gate. Parking in the lots will be $10.

If there was video from 2008-11 of a Saints player doing what Gronk did, during Bounty Gate we'd have seen it 9 million times and Goodell would've demanded life time ban.

Now that the "Russia- gate" hoax is turning into the Israel- gate reality, will take on the Israel lobby? I'm stocking up on the popcorn.

Good morning from Gate 3. Anyone know who left this Christmas tree out here?

Paul Klee - Gate in the garden 1926

A perennial bottleneck at Fountain on Ghodbunder Rd Mumbai causing traffic chaos miles long even on a Sunday. People driving wrong side of road risking others’ lives too. Urgent intervention needed.

A police called Tboy SARS shot my mother to dead while chasing Yahoo boys @ toll gate - 4 Apr 2017 d culprit is still at large

Driver remains in hospital after crash that killed Bay Bridge toll taker.

Snapped a pic at this neat looking fountain as well .

Guy: So tell me more about you Girl: I have told you about my work, family, educational background and religion. Do you want to know our gate mans blood group or my dog's next of kin?

Me when they show the evictees the strawberry- gate clip

Mentors are your gate to greatness and your bridge to blessings. Enrich yourself so you can enrich the lives of others.

it’s 7pm in 2011 on a Friday night, your mom drops you off outside river valley mall, u walk in&u &your friends play some air hockey at Fun 4 U, u go to sabaros &get a slice of pizza,toss pennies in the fountain& then you all sneak pop into the theater & hope you don’t get caught

I love the fans in South Gate, CA so much... Anybody wants to be my sponsor so I can wrestle at more often?

Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

The most expensive home for sale in Silicon Valley is this $48 million estate with a private lake, horse stables, and a walk-in closet larger than most studio apartments.

We now have members! Charter day was a blast. Check out these pics!

Nemo & Java got out the neighbors ALLLL the way down the street brought them home. The side gate was open from the dog popper guy AGAIN - like... thankfully the neighbors brought them back

we understand Boda bodas have been a big problem at small gate But fixing one problem has led to another. These stairs can't be accessed by our fellow students with disabilities

The small gate near University Hall at MUK is one of the many areas that can't be accessed by Persons With Disabilities. please do the needful and make the lives of our disabled folks easier.

Dr. David Ndii's arrest confirms that barbarians are not at the gate. Barbarians run the castle.

The icy fountain - H. Zuber - Paris 1893 - Pochade - Priv. coll.

From the creators of Chaos;Mad Nova and Shrimps; Gate...

Most sold out Championship stadiums this weekend: 90.16% - Griffin Park 80.62% - Elland Road 79.65% - Pride Park 69.45% - Ashton Gate 63.96% - Hillsborough

[...] "And yet the menace of the years Finds, and shall find me, unafraid. It matters not how strait the gate, How charged with punishments the scroll, I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." (Invictus- W.H. Henley)

Is anyone open for commissions? Reply to this tweet if you're open ^^

Robbers? Or legit? Sorry to gate crash Crimbo snuggly Friday eves... but any one had good experience with feeling they could be fake robbers...? Loved to be proved wrong...

the gate of garden knowledge,virtue and brotherhood 2009-2010

We just finished the ticket giveaway at South Gate.

Who ever kicked the ball through the field goal the last 5 seconds, YOUR MOMS A HOE!

Help me find the dirt bag that stole my car this afternoon from fountain stone

felt like scribbling with a fountain pen

In honour of the Blessed Virgin Mary . Alma Redemptoris Mater... Loving mother of the Redeemer, gate of heaven, star of the sea, assist your people...

I wish I was someone's priority.

person 1: whats your favorite christmas movie person 2: i really like a christmas stor- guy in a rick & morty shirt: die hard

CIF finals is TONIGHT! Starts @ 7PM & students pay $5 at the gate. Blue Crew is hosting a tailgate at 5:30. BRING YOUR SPIRIT REBELS

Can just play the strawberry gate VT to the camp mates so they stop being so mean to Iain!? This is heartbreaking

“The power of finding beauty in the humblest things makes home happy & life lovely.” Louisa May Alcott The East Gate at Warwick, 1924 Louise Ingram Rayner (21 Jun 1832, Matlock Bath – 8 Oct 1924, St Leonards-on-Sea) was a British watercolour artist.

Right out of the gate push lead to 31-17, Mayfield to Jones, one play!

he enters through the gate of my heart

Sunday. UNI-Dome. The Graphic Edge Bowl. Opening Game No. 20 v. 11 AM | WATCH: Feature Game No. 3 v. No. 5 3 PM | WATCH: Tix: $15 adult/$10 student at SW Gate.

The gate of the Tilya-Kori Madrasa in , Uzbekistan. Built in the mid-17th century.

Epic slfie russian gate..

Wake up . 'Unless you're willing to pick up a rifle and defend our...' There's a fight coming. The enemy is at the gate! Some would argue the enemy is already among us!!

Palestinians remove Separation Wall gate

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