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envirosax reusable shopping bags

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Love ? Check out today for great prices!!! I just ordered mine - what are you waiting for!!

Help! Got off CTB but left a red floral envirosacs bag with shopping o'head rack on 1947 CHX-Hayes train 4th carriage. Help!

Forgot my envirosacs for grocery today! Today is SMs no plastic bag day right? Errr.

upcycled dress made of envirosacs! beautiful right?!

You guys have to start using envirosacs! I have not 1 but 3 bags with me for grocery shopping. Very hardy.

I reuse anyway ( envirosacs are much nicer than manky bag lady carriers), bit what a wet fish issue to lead on.

50% off for 72 hours. I've got mine!

@ULTA_Beauty reusable water bottles to keep them hydrated and envirosacs in a fun print!

envirosacs hahaha I used one sa siargao I mean I have one in d car n cam bag n use it a lot when I travel...too bad though...

Take a pic of your Bundle today (or at least an Envirosacs) and email it to us and you could win a Bumble bag!!!!...

envirosacs I forgot I ordered. But I truly am positive I didn't order anything this time around.

woman just bought 7 envirosacs... and needed a bag to put them in.

I'm obsessed with Envirosacs. I purchased them @ this awesome grocery store in SF called Rainbow. Best bags!

Enter to win Envirosacs bag

what are envirosacs?

RT Envirosacs make great gifts. Only $8.50. Fun patterns

Get ready for tomorrows deal of the has to do with envirosacs!!!!Great for stocking stuffers!!!

So happy that my envirosacs finally arrived. I had been eyeing those things for a while now!

A friend is giving away 2 new EnviroSacs on her blog. Small blog w/ no entries yet so u have a good chance to win!

I do the same. My Envirosacs look great in the front seat of my car. But they've never held groceries.

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